Green Eggs and Ham

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By Shaina Stockton

FRIES — Last Thursday was National Read Across America Day — also known as Dr. Seuss Day — and Grayson County students acknowledged the special holiday with whimsical Seuss-themed activities throughout the week with costume-themed days and storytime circles for the younger grades.
One classroom in particular even lent their taste buds to the event, with a colorful breakfast featuring one of Seuss’s more well-known topics: green eggs and ham.
First grade teacher David Street, armed with a bag of groceries, a skillet and a squirt bottle of green food coloring, took a literal approach to the verde-tinted meal last Tuesday with a little help from his students. Each child got to crack an egg into the mixing bowl before Street added the other ingredients: salt, pepper, shredded cheese, ham cubes, and several drops of green food coloring. Street took the opportunity to teach a few practical lessons while putting the recipe together, including a demonstration of how egg shells are designed to protect the yolk, and a reminder to always wash your hands after handling raw food.
While Street finished preparing the meal, Lori Hawks read the “Green Eggs and Ham” story to the class. Students also read “The Lorax” that afternoon.
Other activities in Street’s classroom last week included “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” Day, where students were encouraged to wear shirts featuring some of the places they have been; and Pajama Day.
Fries School and other schools in the system also celebrated “Cat in the Hat” Day last Thursday, where students were allowed to dress as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.