• Too many have died from acts of senseless violence

    Violence and hatred have taken the life of a police officer in New York.
    A 12-year veteran, mother of three children, was brutally shot and killed while sitting in her police vehicle by a loser who was released from prison.
    A broken system that’s supposed to protect society from hardened criminals has failed miserably.
    We look around and see so many innocent lives taken my gun violence. It is very sad. Shakes the soul to the core.

  • Lessons learned from Trump’s business in Atlantic City

    From 1984 to 1990, I worked at two architecture firms in the Philadelphia area. Both companies did work in Atlantic City, and one designed a portion of Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal. Atlantic City was booming then; casino and condo development was flourishing. The good times continued for another 15 years after I left, but the bottom began to fall out around 2005 when gaming was legalized in nearby states.

  • Galax schools should honor Wolfe’s memory

    Why honor Deputy Bartlett by naming a [Galax] building after him?
    He did not reside within the Galax city limits (not a taxpayer).
    There are several more that should receive this honor.
    One person, deceased, that should be considered is McKinley Wolfe. He was janitor at the Galax school for years. Wolfe watched over the children.
    Some who had walked to school (thinly clad) in cold weather were ushered into the school building for warmth.

  • EMF From transmission lines poses no threat

    Do transmission lines negatively impact human and animal health? Mounting research shows we have no cause for concern.
    To ensure safety, all electric wiring systems must be properly grounded. Small currents may flow from these grounding points, and are called neutral-to-earth voltages. Some of this is stray voltage that comes into contact with livestock and may cause behavioral changes.
    Transmission developers try to avoid and mitigate stray voltage. Usually, this means siting transmission lines a certain distance from distribution lines.

  • Postal customers thanked for food drive participation

    The employees of the Galax Post Office and the local Letter Carrier Union #3621 want to thank all the customers in Galax and Woodlawn areas for their participation with the food drive that we had on May 13.
    We collected approximately 5,016 pounds of food for Willing Partners food bank. All of the food will stay local and be distributed locally.
    We thank everyone for the assistance.
    Margie Crockett
    Postmaster, Galax

  • Citizen speaks on behalf of former coach

    This is a letter responding to the Grayson County School Board’s decision to not renew Charles Campbell’s position as Varsity Assistant Baseball Coach at GCHS.
    Charles has coached several sports and volunteered on many occasions to assist in other sports. I’ve known him since he was a young player in rec league baseball, and coached him along with many others for more than 10 years. He was then and is now a very respectful person.

  • Will violence hitting close to home impact views on gun control?

    Some of those NRA Republicans in Congress must be singing a different tune, after five people were shot June 14 at their charity baseball practice. Now they’re saying it’s “an attack on all of us.” I didn’t hear anybody talking about the right to bear semi-automatic weapons.
    Suddenly they care, when it’s their own fellow workers and friends, and their own terrified families. Maybe this will get some gun control legislation moving through Congress.

    Kyle Noble

  • Mick Mulvaney’s budget viewpoint is not shared by all

    The White House has released its budget plan for the country, and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney proclaims that it is written from the taxpayer’s viewpoint. He believes that taxpayers don’t want their dollars going to people who don’t work, or people who insist on being poor generation after generation.  
    Mr. Mulvaney, I am a taxpayer and you are not representing my viewpoint.  

  • Reader shares her picks for upcoming primary election

    Please remember to vote in the primary election on Tuesday, June 13 at your regular precinct. We democrats are choosing a candidate for governor and a candidate for lieutenant governor.
    My choice for governor is Dr. Ralph Northam. He is our present lieutenant governor. As lieutenant governor, he is president of the Virginia Senate. He knows our Virginia legislators, and has done an excellent job working with Governor McAuliffe.

  • Reader backs Perriello for Democratic nomination

    On Tuesday, June 13, there’s a Democratic and a Republican primary to select party candidates for Virginia Governor. Guess what: Virginia voters are not registered by party. So each voter on entering requests either the Democratic or the Republican ballot.