• Science is not a convenience

    In the 1970’s, Gordon Moore accurately predicted the speed of computers would double every two years. As a retired research scientist, I believe his principle can be applied to many areas of science and technology. Just look at how fast technology advances. Our cars and cell phones now talk to us; and I’ve noticed it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, the technology works the same.

  • Thankful for local law enforcement

    I had an unexpected encounter recently that I would like to share.
    I have a good relationship with my neighbors. Two them found gainful employment and moved out of the neighborhood, but they periodically come back to visit. Sometimes, when they drop by, they’ll knock loudly on the front door. When I holler out “Who are you?” they say, “Grayson County Sheriff.” Then I respond, “If ya got a warrant, come on in!” We have a chuckle and get on with our visit.

  • Trump should call out white supremacy

    I know how President Trump can satisfy the mainstream media and liberal politicians over the Charlottesville national disgrace. Just admit the truth by stating, on Twitter, that “the police acted stupidly.”
    This is a tried and true approach the media has already endorsed and will improve race relations dramatically. Maxine Waters might even lay off a couple hours as the confusion created will temporarily shut her race-baiting, obnoxious piehole.

  • Reflections on the Charlottesville violence

    It came as no surprise to me that clashes between white separatists and those offended by their ideologies resulted in violence, including the death of one ‘counter’ protestor. Before I continue, I am also aware of the two police deaths associated with the helicopter crash. All three of these deaths were unnecessary and a most unfortunate side effect of our collective failure to recognize our common humanity.
    Violence begets violence. I am against it until and only until my life or those of my beloved are under real and obvious threat.

  • Southwest Virginia Speaks
  • Crossroads thanks attendees of open house

    The staff of the Crossroads Institute would like to thank everyone who attended the first open house.
    We partnered with Marty Holliday, Executive Director of the New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Area and The Results Company, giving the public an opportunity to meet the tenants and businesses in the Crossroads Institute.
    Snacks and a bounce house was provided. We also played office bingo.
    We drew for to gift cards, from our area businesses, who completed the office bingo game. Our winners were Angie Jackson and Benjamin Carico.

  • Wolf deserves recognition in Galax

    I have just read an opinion regarding the need to recognize McKinley Wolf at the Galax High School. I second the need.
    As a native of Galax and graduate I knew him well, as well as his mother. I am still supporting Galax High through the foundation.
    It is men like Mr. Wolf that has made students better people and citizens.
    Thank you.
    Walter B. Blair
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Editor’s note: Wolf was a custodian at Galax Elementary School.

  • Supporters thanked for Smoke on the Mountain’s success

    We would like to say thanks to the residents of Galax for the amazing time that we had judging this year’s Smoke on the Mountain.
    We attend a lot of BBQ events but this was far and away one of the best. The judging was extremely well organized and Shannon Dalton and her wonderful group of volunteers took great care of us during the event. It is rare to see a group of folks work so hard to make an event come together.

  • History can’t repeat itself

    I can’t work up any good thoughts about the white supremacists who marched with torches and Klan regalia in Charlottesville. But I didn’t see any violence until a white protester launched a punch across a police barricade.

  • Too many have died from acts of senseless violence

    Violence and hatred have taken the life of a police officer in New York.
    A 12-year veteran, mother of three children, was brutally shot and killed while sitting in her police vehicle by a loser who was released from prison.
    A broken system that’s supposed to protect society from hardened criminals has failed miserably.
    We look around and see so many innocent lives taken my gun violence. It is very sad. Shakes the soul to the core.