• Elected officials and American citizens should listen to one another

    Not since President Franklin Roosevelt have we seen such a large number of executive orders in only two weeks in office.
    One executive order was signed to roll back the restraints on banking. These restraints were put in place after the financial crisis of 2007-2008. These restraints were supposed to keep big banks from a repeat of 2007 and 2008.
    We have a former chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs who is now secretary of the treasury under Trump. He is Steven Mnuchin and was a cohort along with Bernie Madoff in a scheme to keep people from their life savings.

  • Reader concerned with display of tattered flag

    There is a local business with a flag on a pole in such a deplorable state.
    The stripes are torn almost up to the stars. The flag’s red stripes are orange, in addition to our flag being in shreds.
    I was told the owner is a veteran. Last year, his flag was in poor shape and I went there with a free flag, if he would give me the torn flag. He did not want my flag, but did put up another two weeks later.
    Now this year, this flag is far worse than last year’s.
    How can any American with a conscience let our flag fly in shreds?

  • No good deed goes unpunished

    Editor’s note: This letter is in response to a Readers Hotline call published in the Feb. 8 edition of The Galax Gazette. The caller questioned why Grayson County High School’s resource officer was helping with a band class.

    My grandmother always told me that no good deed goes unpunished. I would like to say a word of appreciation for someone who has done a good deed.
    Officer Vernon Landreth is the resource officer at the high school in Independence, and his primary focus is keeping the kids safe and setting a good example.

  • WCC president reflects on successful year

    With the start of a new year, it’s timely to reflect on the prior year at Wytheville Community College (WCC). I have had the privilege of serving as WCC’s president for the past year and a half, and I have been overwhelmed and humbled by how the college faculty, staff and students and the extended WCC communities have welcomed me and my wife, Janie.  

  • One-on-One Literacy Program celebrates 30 years of service

    Since 1987, the One-on-One Literacy Program of Wythe and Grayson Counties, which is an accredited affiliate of Pro-Literacy International, has provided trained, volunteer tutors to all adults who live in Wythe and Grayson Counties and the City of Galax.  It is the only program in the area that provides free, confidential tutoring on a one-to-one basis.  Many of our students need to improve their educational skills in order to enter public adult education classes, to obtain jobs, or to keep the jobs they have.  

  • Cooperation leads to community success

    I want to thank you for your editorial in last week’s Declaration (Wednesday, Jan. 4) about the cooperation that has lifted Grayson County and its school system out of financial difficulties and put the budget and curriculum on a firm footing.  From my work in the non-profit sector, I see a lot of talented, dedicated people working together for our children and our future, without the partisan divisions that hamper cooperation at the national and even the state level.

  • What will the new leadership mean for social programs?

    As Inauguration Day approaches, we are seeing what a unified Republican government will mean for ordinary folks. Critical to Southwest Virginia will be the attack on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, programs that have for decades protected people from dire poverty. Paul Ryan recently resurrected his plan to privatize Medicare, and Texas Republican Sam Johnson has proposed legislation to “reform” Social Security.

  • Financial assistance for Health Insurance Marketplace plans is available; see if you qualify
  • The importance of music in education

    Well, if you can’t have bragging rights as a grandparent or parent, when can you? The December 11 concert by the Grayson County combined concert groups was fantastic. It is an example of what can be done to develop youngsters in so many ways, while building their self-confidence and self-esteem, and learning about working together as a unit, a team, to create fun and diverse pieces and works of art.

  • Words matter as much as actions

    Words matter! A lady told me she was in high school before she realized her school clothes were not purchased at “Mon-Go-Merry-Ward’s,” her immigrant parents’ misnomer for a favorite store. Lincoln’s words, “the mystic chords of memory will swell to a chorus when touched by our nature’s better angels,” softened the bitter hatred of the Civil War.