• Political appointees are different from civil servants

    In response to Kathy Cole’s recent letter about civil servants…
    She is correct in saying that President Trump sees the executive branch as his personal employees whom he can replace for any reason. This is to ensure that all political employees are in tune with his agenda.
    So Sally Yates, the acting attorney general, was not a civil servant, but rather a political appointee of President Obama’s and would have been replaced within a week or so.

  • Native concerned with federal funding’s impact for county

    As someone who was born and raised in Grayson County, I take a personal interest in the wellbeing of the region.
    Among many topics nationally that concern me in terms of the impact on the Twin Counties, the recent federal budget proposal is one.
    This budget seeks to reduce funding to numerous agencies, including Community Development Block Grants, the
    Appalachian Regional Commission, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

  • Civil servants carry out laws, not executive whims

    Many things appall me about the Trump Administration’s first few weeks, and most of them have been addressed by others. But I haven’t seen anyone challenging his apparent view of the Executive Branch as an extension of his will and ideology. As a businessman, he apparently sees all civil servants as his employees, who must do his bidding or be fired.

  • Congressman needs to attend town halls

    Our last Congress was the least productive in American history and its favorability rating was the lowest ever!
    Rep. Morgan Griffith’s job is to represent “we the people,” and in order to do that, he must hear our voices by scheduling town hall meetings throughout his district.
    We have many serious problems which have intensified and they can only be solved by “we the people” getting Involved!

  • State of current leadership leaves citizen questioning competence
  • Tips for calling your legislators


With legislative sessions in full swing, it is vital for rural constituents to contact legislators regarding issues that affect our communities. Here are some simple tips for calling your legislators.

    Before contacting your legislator, take five minutes to visit their website and learn about their party affiliation, their background and their stances on your priority issues. This research will help you craft a message that appeals to shared values.

  • Grayson Democrats invite community to hear speaker

    I encourage everyone to come to the breakfast being sponsored by the Grayson Democrats on Saturday, March 4, at the Rio Grande Restaurant on Main Street in Independence.

  • An illegitimate presidency

    In his January 20 newsletter, Congressman Morgan Griffith celebrates the peaceful transfer of power and criticizes the nearly seventy congressmen who boycotted Mr. Trump’s inauguration. Because the Constitution set forth the procedures for choosing the president, Mr. Griffith writes that these congressmen should have respected the office of president and the laws that permitted his election. He castigates members of Congress who called Mr. Trump “illegitimate.”

  • Elected officials and American citizens should listen to one another

    Not since President Franklin Roosevelt have we seen such a large number of executive orders in only two weeks in office.
    One executive order was signed to roll back the restraints on banking. These restraints were put in place after the financial crisis of 2007-2008. These restraints were supposed to keep big banks from a repeat of 2007 and 2008.
    We have a former chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs who is now secretary of the treasury under Trump. He is Steven Mnuchin and was a cohort along with Bernie Madoff in a scheme to keep people from their life savings.

  • Reader concerned with display of tattered flag

    There is a local business with a flag on a pole in such a deplorable state.
    The stripes are torn almost up to the stars. The flag’s red stripes are orange, in addition to our flag being in shreds.
    I was told the owner is a veteran. Last year, his flag was in poor shape and I went there with a free flag, if he would give me the torn flag. He did not want my flag, but did put up another two weeks later.
    Now this year, this flag is far worse than last year’s.
    How can any American with a conscience let our flag fly in shreds?