• Discussions continue for county job growth

    INDEPENDENCE — The second meeting of the Grow Grayson Forum was held at the Skyline National Bank Conference Center in Independence April 4, which featured the ongoing discussion between county, business and educational leaders on the importance of workforce development.
    Formed last year, the group meets every March and October to discuss the need for population retention, in the interest of improving the state of our local workforce. The meetings are designed for county leaders, businesses and educators to share their needs with one another to help achieve this goal.

  • Recycling saves more than $100,000 for county

    INDEPENDENCE — Recycling efforts over the past several years have added up in savings for Grayson County, with a positive impact to the county budget, as well as the environment.
    Steve Delp addressed the effects with the Grayson County Board of Supervisors during their March 9 meeting, before highlighting a series of events that are scheduled to assist the in safe disposal efforts.

  • NAPCO announces expansion, jobs

    By Larry Chambers

    SPARTA, N.C. – NAPCO announced an expansion of its plant in Sparta, N.C., and the hiring of 35 new employees during a press conference held in conjunction with the start of the Alleghany County Board of Commissioners meeting Monday.
    Michael Smith, Alleghany County manager, praised NAPCO for their commitment to Alleghany County. He said NAPCO recently celebrated its 40th anniversary in Sparta.

  • Grayson, Floyd banks combine as Skyline National Bank

    INDEPENDENCE — Since the announcement came in November 2015 that Grayson National Bank and Bank of Floyd would combine their 200-plus years of banking experience, the two entities have put many hours of time and effort into a smooth transition, as well as appropriate new branding that reflects their shared core values.
    This week, the two banks announced that their new, combined name will be Skyline National Bank: a nod to the local communities they will continue to serve.

  • Judy Brannock announces retirement


    After a long and industrious run, Judy Brannock is retiring as executive director for the Twin County Regional Chamber of Commerce.
    Brannock stepped down at the end of 2016 after 15 years at the chamber. The chamber’s executive board will meet to appoint an interim director to serve until a full-time director is hired.
    “I am leaving, number one, to see my grandsons more often,” explained Brannock in an interview with the newspaper.

  • Hines Tire joins county’s green initiative

    FRIES — Hines Tire and Auto Repair in Fries has joined a county-wide “green” initiative, with the recent installation of a spent oil furnace. The new equipment allows the business to recycle used oil, which in turn heats the building in a cost-effective manner.
    The new process cuts costs not just for heating, but also the cost of disposing oil while providing vehicle maintenance for customers.

  • Grayson Highlands Family Medicine announces partnership

    INDEPENDENCE — Grayson Highlands Family Medicine will partner with Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in 2017 to bring a higher and more concentrated level of medical care to their patients.
    The partnership will become official in spring 2017, estimated between the months of March and April; but both parties stress that very few changes will be taking place with the practice itself. Staff will remain in place, hours will remain the same, and insurance coverage is expected to expand to include more companies, staff says.

  • Fries featured in ‘Save Our Towns’ web series

    FRIES — The Town of Fries was recently chronicled in an episode of “Save Our Towns,” an award-winning web series that explores the history of various towns in Appalachia.
    An outreach project launched by Virginia Tech, “Save Our Towns” episodes explore these areas in “reality show” segments. It is produced by Tech’s Outreach and International Affairs, and is now in its third year of production.

  • Opening the G.A.T.E.

    INDEPENDENCE — The outdoor picnic area of Grayson County’s new hub for agricultural development was filled with local government entities, organizational representatives, and citizens for a lively celebration on Nov. 15. The event was held in honor of the county’s recent announcement that the first phase of the Grayson Agricultural and Technical Education (GATE) Center has been completed.

  • Agribusiness showcase highlights local farming efforts

    The county’s fourth Grayson Agribusiness Showcase highlighted the Providence District’s farms and natural resource-based businesses.
    Sponsored by the Grayson County Farm Bureau and Grayson National Bank, the tour, which completed a series of district tours held in previous years, was designed “to showcase the diversity and innovation of success of the agriculture and natural resource industries in the area,” according to Kevin Spurlin, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent of Grayson County.