• A lesson in reality

    Grayson County 4-H, in partnership with United Way of Southwest Virginia, held their annual Reality Store event at Independence Middle School on Oct. 25.
    Grayson 4-H agent, Erin Cox, noted that a few changes were in effect this year. Namely, the wheel of chance pertaining to students’ career paths had been done away with; and students were now free to choose their own career.

  • Grayson student achievements continue to climb

    INDEPENDENCE — The Grayson County School Board celebrated a successful school year as they reflected on the Student Achievement Results and Student/Teacher Ratio reports.
    At the board’s Sept. 10 meeting, Susie Funk, director of student learning for the school system, provided a summary of the report for the 2017-18 school year. She began by reminding the board that all schools in the system were fully accredited this year, for the first time in seven years. The schools also achieved the highest gains in the state, according to a CIP report from Region VII.

  • Twin County schools accredited under new state standards

    Staff Report

    All 18 schools across three divisions in Galax, Carroll and Grayson are fully accredited under new state standards, but the new system also requires some schools to implement action plans or undergo academic review based on test scores.

    The Virginia Department of Education on Thursday reported the first school ratings under new state accreditation standards designed to promote continuous achievement in all schools, close achievement gaps and expand accountability beyond overall performance on Standards of Learning tests.

  • School announces highest SOL gains in state

    INDEPENDENCE — Grayson County Public Schools celebrated another milestone in SOL rankings this year, with the recent announcement that the school system achieved the highest rank gains in the state for the 2017-18 school year.
    According to correspondence shared with Matt Hurt, director of the Comprehensive Instructional Program (CIP), Grayson County’s pass rate this past year was 81.89 percent, up from 79.92 percent in 2016-17. Out of other schools in the state, Hurt confirmed that Grayson had achieved the highest rank gains out of the other schools.

  • Elementary school makeover

    GALAX — Fairview Elementary School is looking more spiffy in recent weeks, thanks to monetary donations and labor provided by residents of Deer Creek Motorcoach Resort in Galax.
    For the past several weeks, Deer Creek residents have volunteered their efforts with several projects at the school, including playground equipment upgrades, landscaping, new lighting, and plenty of coats of paint applied both inside and outside the building.

  • School board celebrates SOL gains

    INDEPENDENCE — In addition to achieving full accreditation for the 2017-18 school year, Grayson County Public Schools also achieved the highest SOL pass rate gains within their consortium.
    During the school board’s July 9 meeting, Division Superintendent Kelly Wilmore announced that Grayson County Public Schools have achieved highest gains this past year within the Comprehensive Instructional Program (CIP), a consortium of public school divisions in the state that collaborate towards a shared goal of improved student achievements.

  • Grayson, Galax prepare for Baywood transfers


    After Baywood Elementary School closed July 1, students are being split “about 50-50” between Fairview Elementary and Independence Elementary, according to Grayson County Schools Superintendent Kelly Wilmore.
    But, some parents are opting instead to send their kids to Galax schools this fall.

  • Baywood Elementary closing approved by 3-2 vote

    INDEPENDENCE — The mood at Monday’s special called meeting of the Grayson County School Board was somber and resigned, as the board approved a final recommendation to close Baywood Elementary School.

    Three board members voted in favor of closing and two were opposed.

    The school will officially close its doors on July 1.

  • Grayson schools fully accredited

    INDEPENDENCE — Division Superintendent Kelly Wilmore and the Grayson County School Board commended teachers and staff, administrators, parents and students, following the news that all eight schools in the Grayson County district received full accreditation for the 2017-18 school year.
    Though the numbers came close a few times in previous years, Wilmore noted that this is the first time in seven years that all schools have met full accreditation.

  • School budget has money for 7 of 8 schools


    INDEPENDENCE — After discussing the final details at a recent budget workshop, the Grayson County School Board approved their amended budget in the amount of $21,263,321.29 at their regular meeting on June 11.  
    At the budget workshop meeting June 5, Division Superintendent Kelly Wilmore said, “this has been a most difficult budget to prepare because of the lack of funds.”