• McAuliffe’s budget aims to pad state reserves

    RICHMOND — One last shot at Medicaid expansion.
    That’s the big $584 million line item in Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s final two-year budget before he leaves office this month. He presented it to the General Assembly’s money committees in December.
    The governor has included expansion in every one of his budgets, but the Republican-controlled legislature has refused.

  • County plans various initiatives

    The Grayson County Board of Supervisors has approved a list of county-wide initiatives proposed by County Administrator Bill Shepley, for further study by a selection of committees. The initiatives directly align with the county’s comprehensive plan, and, according to Shepley, are ideas that will be explored by not just county officials and staff members, but the community as well.

  • Legislators prepare for General Assembly

    The time has come for our local legislators’ proposals to be proposed, heard and debated by the Virginia General Assembly, which is scheduled to begin today, Wednesday.
    Legislators representing the Twin County region (all or in part) have wasted no time preparing for this year’s session; and several have already filed bills for consideration.
    Here is a quick look at what has been filed so far:

    Del. Jeffrey L. Campbell
    R — Carroll, Smyth (part) and Wythe Counties

  • Supervisor warns successor of ‘super coyotes’

    INDEPENDENCE — Outgoing county board member Eddie Rosenbaum gave his final address to constituents during the Board of Supervisors’ December meeting, and used the time to address an issue that he has been passionate about during his time on the board.
    Rosenbaum vacated his seat on the board last month, after announcing in months prior that he would not run for another term due to health reasons. Thomas “Rex Revels took the seat representing the Wilson District on Jan. 1.

  • Efforts to save Training Center continue


    WOODLAWN — The Southwestern Virginia Training Center is slated to close in June 2018, but those who want to save the mental health facility have not given up hope.

  • DSS notifies CHIP recipients of uncertain future


    RICHMOND – The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) is notifying Virginia families with one or more family members who are enrolled in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that they could lose their coverage unless the United States Congress reauthorizes the program soon.

  • Treasurer responds to county’s spending questions


    INDEPENDENCE — Grayson Treasurer Kelly Haga has responded to recent news report which detailed a request from the county to explain a list of purchases made over the last three years using a county credit card.
    Following the results of an audit last December, Haga confirmed that his company credit card has been suspended, and purchases over a span of the past three years were questioned; but to his knowledge, the issue has since been resolved.

  • Insurance healthier than expected in Va.

    The political brawls over the failed efforts to abolish key parts of the Affordable Care Act beg the question: How has the law – and the fight to repeal it – affected Virginians’ ability to obtain health insurance they can afford?
    Opponents of what is also known as “Obamacare” have argued it’s a doomed system and a disaster for the country. Warnings abound that it has caused health care costs to skyrocket beyond people’s ability to pay.
    Supporters said parts of the landmark law needed to be fixed but not discarded.

  • Committee, county seek FQHC for Grayson

    INDEPENDENCE — The Grayson County Board of Supervisors has agreed to partner with the Grayson County Senior Advocacy Committee, in an effort to bring a Federally Qualified Health Clinic (FQHC) to Grayson County.
    Senior Advocacy Committee Member Sandra Troth made the request during the board’s Nov. 9 meeting. According to Troth, the board asked the committee previously to put together a subcommittee, to assess the feasibility and advisability of securing a FQHC for the county.

  • Revels, Sage take Wilson District seats

    Two new members will join the board of supervisors and school board in Grayson County, both representing the Wilson District, after wins in Tuesday’s election.
    Both ran for seats soon to be vacated by incumbent candidates who decided not to seek re-election.
    In the race for Wilson District supervisor, Rex Revels, a Republican, received 948 votes (77 percent), beating Democratic opponent Gesche Morley, who received 281 votes (23 percent.)