• Editor’s Column: ‘Here comes the sun’
  • Editor’s Column: ‘The possibilities are jarring’

    Let’s face it: everyone who has an account on any type of social media falls for some form of click bait; whether it’s a quiz about which “Friends” character you are; the top ten Easter eggs hidden in Stephen King novels, or a delicious-looking recipe for crock pot chicken and dumplings.
    Mine, if you haven’t guessed it already, is life hacks; or as I like to refer to them: one person’s trash, with a little creativity, made into the same person’s treasure.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Don’t Bug Me’

    It’s not exactly a new thing to say in this area that the bugs are out of control this year; but seriously, The. Bugs. Are. Out. Of. Control. This. Year!!!

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Saving Space’

    One of my mother’s greatest battles with me when I was a kid was when it came time to sort through my toy collection.
    Every time, she would plop me down in front of a heaping pile of stuffed animals and designate two spots on either side of her: to the left was a trash bag for donations, and to the right was the empty toy box.
    One by one, she’d go through my plushies, and tell me to say one of two things: keep or give away.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘A kind (or unkind) gesture’

    In today’s fast-paced world, we are expected to process a lot of information very quickly. And while many of us mean well, sometimes these bits of information lose a little bit as they travel through the channels of lips and ears in any given community.
    As someone who works in the media, I often look back at that childhood game “telephone” and compare it to real life. Sadly, that game stood to teach us all an important lesson about how meanings get lost in translation.  
    “What? Sally is a secret spy for the CIA?”

  • Editor’s Column: ‘You can whine, you can cry... but the bacon is mine’

    Most people who own dogs have had the following conversation before: 
No! Get back, you can’t have that.
    “NooOO! That’s not yours!
    “No! Nonono!”

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Make mine chocolate’

    Easter church services, chocolate bunnies, egg hunts, and all things pastel. What’s not to love?
    This holiday brings back some seriously awesome memories from my childhood. First off, Easter always served as a celebration to my family to welcome the spring season. And to shoo away winter we’d bust out all things pastel. My parents decorated for every single holiday back then, and I couldn’t wait to start dying eggs and setting out all of the bunny decorations.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Life hack Wednesday’

    Last week, my husband went away on a business trip, leaving me with the house all to myself for two days; so I’d planned a little stay-cation from work in advance to get some things done around the house.
    And guys…. I really did….n’t.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Bucket listographies’

    Last week, I talked a little bit about my honorary grandmother, and what she meant to me… which always leads me to a topic that’s not quite as easy to share. But since it’s been almost 14 years… here goes:

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Fortunes for the finders’

    Most of us who were lucky enough to grow up in a rural area like the Twin Counties still remember the lessons they learned from being out in nature. For me, growing up on the Blue Ridge Parkway was no different.
    My parents live in a small community just off the parkway on the Carroll side, where it’s an everyday occurrence to look out the living room window and see deer, turkeys, cardinals, raccoons, hummingbirds, and even black bears (the last of which is why I usually didn’t play outside much as a child without heavy supervision).