• Editor’s Column: ‘Fortunes for the finders’

    Most of us who were lucky enough to grow up in a rural area like the Twin Counties still remember the lessons they learned from being out in nature. For me, growing up on the Blue Ridge Parkway was no different.
    My parents live in a small community just off the parkway on the Carroll side, where it’s an everyday occurrence to look out the living room window and see deer, turkeys, cardinals, raccoons, hummingbirds, and even black bears (the last of which is why I usually didn’t play outside much as a child without heavy supervision).

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Tokens from childhood’

    I think it’s safe to say that most, if not all of us have that one special toy from our childhood that we’ve never forgotten. I think it’s also safe to say that you probably still have that toy stashed away somewhere. After all, who better to welcome your future children into the world than the friendly comrade who accompanied you on all of your adventures, comforted you through every cut and scrape, and single-handedly chased away the drooling monsters under your bed?

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Your parcel has arrived‘

    No matter how old I am, I still get excited when I get something cool in the mail. It doesn’t matter if it’s a complete surprise from someone else, or if I’ve ordered it myself. When it arrives, it feels like Christmas morning.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘The notorious Captain Trips‘

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all happy, healthy, and still contentedly binging on yummy 75 percent off chocolate (which we all know is the REAL perk of Valentine’s Day).
    So, this past week I heard a lot of talk around the community about the dreaded flu virus making its phlegmy rounds again; to the point where local school systems are throwing a little extra elbow grease into their cleaning schedule (not that they don’t do an awesome job with that as it is).

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Bunny boo-boos‘

    Note: The title of this week’s column was inspired by my friend Bobbie, who came up with what is possibly the most adorable bunny name in the history of the universe.
    Anyone who knows me past a “Hello, how are you?” is probably aware at this point that I am obsessed with bunnies. At least, mostly everyone… but good luck convincing the newest member of our family of that fact.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Solace, can you hear me?‘

    In today’s fast-paced society, it’s important to find ways to relax; and thankfully, there are plenty of options.

  • Guest column: ‘History behind the Graham Mansion’

    The following article was shared with the Declaration by Olen L. Quesenberry. His previous article, “A man with a million books,” was published in the Declaration in September 2015.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Do you ever feel like a cluttered bag?‘

    Before the internet was all social media and cat memes, people relied on custom-tailored blog sites to express themselves online. And my little corner was fabulous — well, to me, anyway.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Journaling Junkies‘

    If you’re a person who is into journaling, I highly recommend spending some time on Pinterest. Go ahead, take a few minutes the next time you’re bored at home, and feast your eyes on these beautiful things.
    I started scrapbook journaling when I was in college; mainly by ripping pictures out of magazines and gluing in small mementos like ticket stubs and letters I’d written to my friends. I’d spend hours arranging papers on a blank sheet to achieve that perfect look, which more often than not was a complete mess (but a gorgeous one).

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Stovetop warrior‘

    We’re a few weeks into the year now, and hopefully done with all of the holiday meals and cleanup duty… right?!?!
    Even with our lack of Christmas decor this year, we weren’t at a loss for cleaning up messes at our house. I guess there’s just something about being caught up in the holiday spirit that causes families to temporarily lose our minds. Eventually we find each other again amidst the rubble of empty cardboard boxes and balled-up wrapping paper, but it’s touch-and-go there for a few hours after the gifts are opened.