• Editor’s Column: ‘Mobile storage options‘

    You know what is really annoying? Cell phones and their infuriating lack of space when it comes to storing content that we actually want.
    Just this past week, I got the dreaded “storage full” notification while I was trying to take a picture of Bunnald Weasley (my rabbit) doing something cute; so I checked my files to see what had overfilled the drive this time. I tend to keep a close eye on my available data and which apps on my phone tend to be the biggest storage-suckers, and everything seemed pretty normal.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Post-Christmas DIYs‘

    Well, guys, we made it! Another year, another Christmas over and done with. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted, and survived the holidays without being hit too hard with empty wrapping paper tubes.
    I, for one, am geared up and ready for the new year; and from what I’ve seen on my Facebook feed for the past… well, YEAR or so, many of you are, too. Of course, we still have that span of the year between Christmas and New Year’s that many of us aren’t quite sure what to do with, right?

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Oh the shopping outside is frightful...‘

    Well you guys, it was rough, scary, and at times I felt like ripping out my own hair, but I did it: the Christmas shopping is done. But trust me, it was not easy; and I, for one, have learned a valuable lesson.
    Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, wait until the middle of December to do your Christmas shopping.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Non-traditional holiday norms‘

    It’s definitely not the most traditional of holidays in our household this year. The most notable of which? We’ve decided not to put up a Christmas tree.
    *Dodged pitchforks and snowballs* Hold on, hold on… we kind of have a reason for that, other than pure laziness, I promise! Don’t hate me, Santa!

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Outlets for de-stressing‘

    Hello, everyone!
    I come to you from a very sad place this week: 2 in the morning, where I can’t sleep partly because of very loud snoring (nope not my husband, my DOG is snoring louder than a chainsaw in a forest full of sequoias) and partly because the pile of work waiting for me in about four hours has worried me into one of my biggest stress headaches of the year.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘I’ll be happy when...‘

    When I attended my niece’s high school graduation a handful of years ago, a speech from her principal really struck a chord with me. In a nutshell, he warned the auditorium full of graduates against becoming caught in the “I’ll be happy when,” loop.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Giving thanks‘

    Well everyone, it’s that time of year again; the part where we gorge ourselves on Turkey and tell everyone around the table what it is we’re thankful for.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Holiday band-aid‘

    By the time all of you read this, the giant, pulsing dark cloud of this year’s election will have finally passed over us… and I, for one, am looking forward to remembering what conversations were like before it happened. As usual, I am writing this column on a Sunday night, the eve of my Monday deadline for this paper; and when future me reads this in print later in the week, I just want to say to her: “Congratulations… we made it.”

  • Editor’s Column: ‘‘Must be a Weasley”
  • Editor’s Column: 'Dryer-clean only'

    While a good chunk of the local population has been complaining about the cold weather and upcoming holiday expenses, the rest of us are already enjoying the benefits of pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, bonfires and comfy sweaters.
    Outside, the days are slowly getting shorter, colder, and (hopefully) dryer. And because of that, I’m sharing what is now considered a brand new fall cleaning tradition in my home: cleaning the dryer.