• We count on the mail


    I got the mail today.
    A couple of bills. A greeting card. Some catalogs. A newspaper. One package that my wife grabbed right away. (Wonder what that was?)
    Lately, it occurs to me how completely I take for granted that I will get the mail tomorrow.
    I’ve had my share of gripes about the mail. As president of the National Newspaper Association, I have fielded our community newspaper members’ postal concerns all year.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘The Daily Grime’

    Whether someone is a neat freak or not, few can argue how calming it is to relax in a clean house at the end of a difficult day. And for people like me, clean houses are almost a necessity in order to get our brains working most of the time.
    Unfortunately, when it comes to my family, I’m definitely the odd woman out.

  • Chez J. Zane: ‘Zucchini clearance and savory dishes’

    This week, I offer some savory dishes utilizing all those zucchini that are growing to maturity (overnight, it seems). My friend Evonne Woodie and I planted six zucchini plants in our garden plot… about five too many. It’s funny that every year I always purchase too many plants, and feel all must be planted. If all garden plants grew and produced as much as the zucchini, we could surely end world hunger. When I think of a prolific plant, zucchini is number one.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Clicking with caution’

    The internet is a big, wondrous place, chock full of anything we’ve ever wanted to know about: world history, works of art, psychological studies, religious insights, and a connected web to reach out to anyone else in the world… and we mainly use it to Instagram our dinners and binge on cat videos.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Breaking up the flea circus’

    I’m not sure which is worse this year, the blistering heat, or the bugs.
    In the past month, we’ve dealt with every kind of creepy crawly menace in our house that you can imagine: sugar ants, spiders, flies, bees (and not even the useful kind of bee either; I’m talking about wasps, the insect equivalent of Game of Thrones’ Joffrey Baratheon). But the worst, by far, has been fleas.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Cleaning Bytes’

    Just like the Ghostbusters, when people see a blue screen of death – or worse, nothing at all – when they turn on their computer, they know who to call.
    A long time ago, my mom and I were designated as the official computer gurus of the family. Over the years, we’ve taken some truly terminal cases and turned them back into acceptable conduits for today’s digital society.

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Masterful Pokemon Go use’

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two weeks, chances are you’ve heard someone at least mention a little game called “Pokemon Go.” Not only that, but if you’ve seen groups of people walking down the street with their phones out, chances are that is what they were playing!  

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Tackling closet clutter’

    Hello, fellow dust bunny warriors!
    I guess most people get into organizing projects in the spring— thus the term “spring cleaning” — but for me it’s usually the middle of summer when my cleaning muse is at its peak. I guess people can safely assume it’s because I’m an introvert and therefore not out enjoying the fresh air like most “normal” people, but the truth is, it’s too hot outside for me to function, so what else am I supposed to do with my free time?

  • Editor’s Column: ‘Life-hacking on the go’

    Hello everyone! I hope you had an amazing Fourth of July!

  • Chez J. Zane: ‘July 4 treats’

    I wonder what the “young Americans” were eating on July 4, 1776? Probably not what we Americans are 240 years later. When most of us consider what to prepare for our own Fourth of July holiday, thoughts of cook-outs and picnics come to mind; food items that do not take lots of time in the kitchen and are light, cool, and with lots of flavor.
    Hot dogs are a Fourth of July staple, with all the trimmings; cooked outside on a grill over charcoal. The gas or electric grill just does not get that old-fashioned flavor of yesteryear.