• Community needs access to road

    Our place is centered between Middle Fox and Grubb’s Chapel on the Old County Road. Maps dating back to the early 1900s show the road and home sites.  
    Two property owners put up two locked gates on the center portion of the road to end through travel. One continues to demand that gate stay in place. Mr Hash, on Grubb’s Chapel says he was threatened when crossing. Another risked the right to a spring that feeds their home for using the road.
    Henry Reed has horses and a carriage he rides often. He was told he could no longer use the road.

  • Remember to vote in the upcoming primary

    Guess what: before you or any of us can vote in November, we first have to have a June 12 primary. That’s where important choices are made about whose name gets listed on the November ballot.

  • Need help with phone service in Elk Creek

    What is happening to the phone service in Elk Creek? My phone has been dead for 26 days, as of May 16. There are phone trucks around, but when the drivers are spoken to, they claim to be contractors who do not do repairs.
    Without access to 911, I am in a critical situation as is a large percentage of Elk Creek residents living in a dead zone for cell service.

  • Cursive writing deserves more appreciation

    If your kid knows how to print his name, he (or she) is lucky. PBS television devoted a cutesy feature segment May 5 to the alleged pain and difficulty of learning cursive handwriting.

  • Grayson 4-H needs help for summer camp

    I am writing on behalf of Grayson County 4-H and the camping program. We are very excited to camp this year. We have many exciting programs planned and know that camp will teach participants many lifelong lessons.
    Each year, we have families who want to give their child an opportunity to enjoy camp, but experience financial hardship. This year, we have exhausted all of our in-house funds to support campers and still have families that are in need.

  • Stewardship competition will showcase student innovation

    If you are feeling overwhelmed with national and international events, I encourage you to do yourself a favor and come to the Land Stewardship Contest at the Grayson County High School cafeteria on Saturday, May 5 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Students in grades 8-12 (including Galax and home-schooled students) will compete for cash prizes of $1,000, $500 and $250 with proposals on innovative projects that would earn money, help the environment, and/or promote the community.  

  • The Free Market offers positive change in Grayson

    This county is so lucky to have caring people that start new programs and projects that benefit others. One of our newest additions it the “Free Market,” which is housed at the old Briarpatch Metalworks on Highway 21 North.

  • Improvement starts at the root of community

    I moved back to these mountains after 46 years in Oklahoma, and one of the first things I noticed was how the land responds to just a little rain: everything greens up and starts growing, here in southwest Virginia. Mountains shelter us from the worst wind, tornados are rare and it’s a sweet place for farming, down in the valleys.

  • Proper gun control requires a look at history

    Since the school shooting in Florida, many people are calling for gun control. I agree that we need to have some stricter control of guns, especially assault rifles. Hunters do not need assault rifles for hunting wild animals. These are weapons of war, so why are they so available to so many people? What are the restrictions on owning an assault rifle?

  • Promise to drain the swamp falling short

    Setting the scene, the Secretary of the Treasury and his new bride fly on a government plane to the U.S. Mint, prime viewing territory for the solar eclipse. They pose in front of all the new money with his signature, and his wife highlights on social media all her luxury fashion apparel. He’s in charge of our economy.