• Act if you want change

    In dedication to a 30-year veteran police officer killed in the line of duty, our veterans were the cost of freedom and democracy is not free. Freedom comes with blood, sweat and tears and to the citizens, voters and all who really care about the country where its needed.

  • Exercise your right

    Women finally got the right to vote in October 1920, after being arrested, fined, jailed and force fed. When they marched in Washington, D.C., police joined the men who threw stones and bricks at them.
    Only 34 states — not Virginia — have ratified the equal rights amendment, which would give women a fair shake in divorce, property and employment; and now we have a president who brags about grabbing women you-know-where. 

  • Power plants and power delivery

    Morgan Griffith, who rarely turns up in our area, has been rushing around lately trying to find accomplishments to trumpet in the face of a credible challenge for his congressional seat by Anthony Flaccavento. For the past few months, Mr. Flaccavento has spent more time traveling around the Ninth District personally meeting people than Mr. Griffith has done during eight years in office.

  • A return on investment

    At the beginning of October, a woman who saw the “Flaccavento for Congress” t-shirt I was wearing told me she’s a conservative Republican and is voting for Anthony Flaccavento. She said, “He’s a farmer, like me, and he supports the issues I support, and I’m tired of Morgan Griffith never being here!”

  • Improve opportunities for the next generation

    For several generations we in this rural pocket of Southwest Virginia have seen many of our kids and grandkids head off to greener pastures. It has been called “the brain drain.” Everyone feels this drain, both personally and economically. Sure, we want our kids to have a good life with career opportunities; but we also want them closer, and miss them. Across our communities, we are losing the energy and creative wisdom of our youth.

  • Cultivating Grayson - 11/21/18

    Article Provided by Master Gardener volunteers

    This month, we visited with Justin Ward, Grounds Superintendent at the Galax Municipal Golf Course. Even though not currently golfers, private lessons might very well be one gift under the Christmas Tree this year. Justin is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Turf Management.

  • Support the candidate supporting you

    I’m voting for Anthony Flaccavento because I care about Grayson County’s future. Since having been elected in 2011, can you name one thing  Mr. Griffith has done for Grayson County? I know, me neither.

  • Candidate understands our needs

    In all my years of following politics, I have never seen a candidate who matched the needs of their electorate more than Anthony Flaccavento in the Virginia Ninth District. He is a farmer and entrepreneur from Southwest Virginia who works with the land and helps his neighbors work with their land. He is a hard worker and is sincere in his efforts to help the floundering economy of our region. If you’ve ever met him, you know how much he cares about the people of Southwest Virginia.

  • Flaccavento better choice to represent district

    In 1966, I came to live and work in Southwest Virginia. Since then I’ve known and personally spoken with each congressman who has served here — Tuck, Daniels, Wampler, Boucher — the only exception is Rep. Morgan Griffith.
    I would’ve gladly talked to Griffith, too, but despite my appointments in the Carroll, Wise, Lee and Scott county-seat towns and my ever-lengthening retirement years in Grayson County, I’ve never met, or even seen, Congressman Griffith.

  • Voter registration ends Oct. 15

    If you’re not registered to vote, you’ve got until Oct. 15 to get this done at the Grayson County election board in the courthouse basement.
    You need to be a citizen, 18 or older with a Social Security number. Cody Wingate (registrar) and Wilma Halsey (office secretary) are there to help. If you don’t have an acceptable photo i.d. you can get one free at the election board office.