• Businesses should keep safety in mind after snowy weather

    I think it’s a good time to remind business owners of their responsibility in snowy, icy weather.
    The reason it’s on my mind is a couple of things I just experienced. And to protect the guilty, I will not mention business names.

  • LandCare Gives thanks for success

    As we enter this season of harvest, thanks-giving, and sharing, we are grateful for another abundant year in Grayson County. We are thankful for our natural wealth of water, soil, plants and wildlife. And we appreciate all our neighbors who participated in our events this year and helped us in any way. We have grown in memberships, sponsorships, donors and partners.

  • People forget what ‘Christian’ means

    From what I read in the [Gazette] Readers’ Hotline and from what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears, and from what people have told me, that I know tell the truth, citizens in the Twin County area do not know what “Christian” means.
    They vote Republican now that Republicans do not want anyone to have anything, and they want to take what we have away.
    If the local, state and national government come up with laws that hurt the citizens, they vote for it. If they come up with a law to help citizens, they vote against it.

  • It’s time to end political parties

    After the political/media circus around Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Where both Dr Ford’s and his rights where thrown under the bus, It is time to make the political parties very concerned about their future. Change your party affiliation to none. And consider to announce to run for any government position with only the “End political parties,” as your issue.

    Tim Lutz
    Elk Creek

  • Monster bash boasts spooky good success

    The Halloween Monster Bash in downtown Galax, a free event for our community’s children, coordinated by the Galax Downtown Association, was a huge success again this year. The streets were teeming with creatures of all descriptions. The costumes were amazing and made it very difficult for the judges to choose winners in the individual categories.

  • Cultivating Grayson - 11/21/18

    Article Provided by Master Gardener volunteers

    This month, we visited with Justin Ward, Grounds Superintendent at the Galax Municipal Golf Course. Even though not currently golfers, private lessons might very well be one gift under the Christmas Tree this year. Justin is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Turf Management.

  • Local registrar will help if you have questions

    Thanksgiving is coming up, and we have some good things going for us in Grayson County. One of them is our county election board: I visited their office in the courthouse basement to get forms and information on voter registration, free photo IDs, absentee voting, early voting and how to restore your right to vote. I was pretty ignorant and they were patient, helpful and polite.

  • A conflicting endorsement

    After a comprehensive accounting of Anthony Flaccavento’s many excellent qualities and the impressive campaign he’s run — which makes him a superlative Congressional candidate to represent the Ninth District — followed by an accounting of Morgan Griffith’s long list of shortcomings over eight years, the Bristol Herald Courier endorsed Mr. Griffith with the condition that he change his ways. Perhaps the Courier is hoping that a little of Anthony might rub off on Griffith? Not bloody likely!

  • Act if you want change

    In dedication to a 30-year veteran police officer killed in the line of duty, our veterans were the cost of freedom and democracy is not free. Freedom comes with blood, sweat and tears and to the citizens, voters and all who really care about the country where its needed.

  • Exercise your right

    Women finally got the right to vote in October 1920, after being arrested, fined, jailed and force fed. When they marched in Washington, D.C., police joined the men who threw stones and bricks at them.
    Only 34 states — not Virginia — have ratified the equal rights amendment, which would give women a fair shake in divorce, property and employment; and now we have a president who brags about grabbing women you-know-where.