• Support funding for public libraries

    I urge all citizens to contact their representatives in the Virginia General Assembly and ask them to support the budget amendment restoring the Governor’s proposed 2 percent cut in state aid to public libraries. This cut would reduce statewide funding for libraries by $295,436 for each of the next two years.
    Our public libraries provide a vital service to our communities, one that is especially important in filling the educational and research needs of rural communities such as Grayson County where I live.

  • Reader ‘dismayed’ by spectator rudeness

    I’ve attended Grayson County High School sporting events for several years now as a parent and as one who enjoys watching young people compete.  
    Recently, I sat in front of an elementary aged child on the bleachers.  Throughout the game she shouted at the referees, made sarcastic remarks to the opposition, booed and screamed, “Cheaters, cheaters!”  It was obnoxious.  Then it dawned on me she was only imitating what she hears from the adults.  

  • Deer carcasses ‘shocking’

    A few years ago we “adopted” our road, committing to maintain at a neat and clean standard. The initial clean-up was a major undertaking, but we accomplished it and took pride in the results.
    But every year at this time we are confronted with a very unpleasant task: removal of deer remains. This time is the worst ever.
    Recently, while out on our daily walk, we happened on the carcass of a doe. She was apparently killed here, a few choice pieces were harvested, and the remainder left to decompose in our neighborhood.

  • Reverend thanks community

    It is with heartfelt thanks that I write this letter on behalf of all the meal recipients and committee members of the Grayson County Community Thanksgiving Meal.
    To every individual, organization, business and church that participated in this enormous mission project, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • O’Quinn thanks citizens

    I would like to thank the residents of the Fifth House District for the opportunity to serve as your Delegate in the Virginia General Assembly.  I am honored, humbled and excited by the opportunity. 
    I firmly believe Southwest Virginia’s best days are still ahead, and I am committed to doing everything I can to make that a reality. While I do not have all the answers or any quick fixes, I promise to work hard every day for you.


    Shop and buy local

    As the holidays approach, let’s remember to keep our money in America and in our communities.
    Here are some gift giving ideas that will support your local community and keep money here in America!
    A gift certificate from a local:
    Auto-service shop
    Car wash and detail shop
    Grocery store
    Hair/nail salon, spa or barber shop
    Movie theater
    Perhaps that grateful gift receiver would like:
    Computer tune-up services

  • Open, honest campaign pledged

    Four years ago when I announced my candidacy for Grayson County Sheriff, I presented a detailed plan for positive change.
    I conducted myself in a professional manner, and ran a positive campaign from beginning to end.  This is the type of character that Grayson County Citizens deserve and expect from their elected officials.  
    Unfortunately, everyone does not abide by the same unspoken values. From the very beginning when my opponent announced his candidacy, he has been negative.

  • Sheriff’s Department keeps home safe

    Prior to taking our summer vacation we contacted the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office and requested that they perform a residence check on our property while we were away.
    They asked when we were leaving and would return. We were assured a deputy would check on our property at some point each night.
    This is just one of the many services performed by the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office to help keep our community safe and give piece of mind to citizens of Grayson County when they are away from home.

  • Vote for John Lamie

    I am writing to encourage readers to vote for John Lamie for Virginia State Senate. I believe that Lamie will work hard to recruit new jobs to Southwest Virginia. He also cares about strengthening our region’s agricultural economy and helping preserve family farms. As a small business owner, he has the experience to encourage the growth of small businesses in our area.

  • Support Vaughan

    Why change sheriffs! We already have the best!
    I write this letter in support of Richard Vaughan continuing in his present position as the Sheriff of Grayson County.
    Grayson County has really been blessed to have such a qualified sheriff.
    As you remember, Sheriff Vaughan “hit the road running” within weeks of his being in his new position on the Freddie Hammer murder case and he has not slowed down very much since.