• Bartlett tells supporters he won’t seek re-election

    Editor’s Note: This letter was addressed as “an open letter to the citizens of Grayson county and the Oldtown District.”

    I wish to inform all my friends and supporters in Grayson County and particularly those in the Oldtown Voting District that I will not seek reelection as the Oldtown District Supervisor in the upcoming election in November 2011.

  • Americans work hard for their money, government should spend it wisely

    It seems the American people continue to struggle to make a living, face hardships and barely manage to keep up the pace of everyday living.
    It’s tough paying bills, exploding gas prices and dealing with the federal government that leaves everyone a day late and a dollar short.
    When you watch television, the news is filled with slow economic times, foreclosures and the never-ending war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • Wealth never ‘trickles down’

    During the late 1970s, a group of rich and powerful men got together to plan the neoconservative revolution, hoping to establish a 100-year reign of Republican control of the government.
    They hoped to do away with labor unions, Aid to Dependent Children, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. They also hoped to eliminate import tariffs (free trade) so they could make an end run around worker health and safety laws, minimum wages and environmental laws by farming out their jobs to third world countries.

  • Billings shooting was thoroughly investigated

    Editor’s note: This letter is a rebuttal to points made in a letter from Kyle and Sherry Billings, which ran in the March 30 edition of The Declaration. In the letter, the parents of shooting victim Brandon Billings said that “nothing was done” by the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department for five years following the death of the high school student. The case is still unsolved.

  • VDOT observes National Work Zone Awareness Week

    When you add together the challenges of southwestern Virginia’s terrain with technology distractions such as cell phones and GPS devices, there are many opportunities for accidents.  But think about how that opportunity for disaster grows when you add highway work zones to the mix.
    Each spring the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and other DOTs around the country recognize Work Zone Awareness Week to remind drivers of the dangers of work zones and give them information about being alert and avoiding distractions while driving.  

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sheriff brought needed change

    We would like to respond to Mark Burnett’s announcement as a candidate for Grayson County sheriff. We would like to clarify some statements that have been made against Sheriff Richard Vaughan.
    Concerning Mr. Burnett’s open door policy, Mr. Vaughan’s door is always open and he does return calls. If you go there and he is not there, it is because he is out working on cases, and not just sitting behind a desk waiting on things to come to him.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘A letter to elected Republicans’

    A few of the issues that seem most important to my neighbors, and my family:
    1.  No more debt. Do not raise the debt ceiling.
    2.  Reduce spending. No “pork.” No  “earmarks.”
    3.  Look very critically at “off-budget” spending.
    4.  No un-funded mandates sent down to states and local governments.
    5.  Support second amendment.  Plenty of gun laws, just not enough enforcement.
    6.  Tort reform.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: LandCare honors Phil Hanes

    Phil Hanes, who passed away on January 16th at the age of 84, was a dynamic visionary who inspired and challenged others to work for the causes he pursued with persistence and passion.  As his recent obituary detailed, he had a profound impact on his hometown of Winston-Salem, supporting arts education, entrepreneurship, and downtown revitalization.  He also was a key catalyst for the creation of Arts Councils throughout the country and was a founding member of the National Council on the Arts.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The trouble with some dentists

    How fortunate we are to have area dentists share with local officials how badly we need more fluoride in our drinking water.
    Even though, as reported in the Winston-Salem Journal recently, the CDC in Atlanta says we are getting too much fluoride, our dentists insist that we need more.
    Even though a Virginia Tech study shows that we are already getting too much fluoride in our food and everything we drink, these dentists insist that we need more fluoride.

  • Fluoride group wants to share information

    Editor’s Note: This letter was addressed to the Town of Independence and Grayson County.

    I’m sure many of you may be wondering why these folks from Alleghany County would take their time to come across the river and try to tell you how to run your business. Why would they care if you do put poisonous fluoride into our water supply – what’s it to them?
    The truth is we are all concerned volunteers who want to try to provide our friends and neighbors with information that they have not seen.