• Mount Rogers School boasts amazing staff

  • 'Losing faith' in local government

    It’s just come to me that criminal charges are now outstanding for all who haven’t paid their first year’s trash fees.
    I understand the Grayson County treasurer has been conscripted for this dirty little collection deed, which I think may return to bite local officials in their east ends as they try to run west. It’s another scary case, in my opinion, of Grayson government’s running amuck with the citizens it’s sworn to serve.

  • Tax hike painful for citizens

    As a resident of Grayson County it’s my opinion that the county supervisors have lost touch with the folks they are supposed to be representing. Had they listened for the last two years the “unavoidable” situation would never have occurred. They let the people down and without asking their district folks and without voting the wishes of their majority residents, they spent this county into an avoidable nightmare.

  • Tax increase hurts struggling citizens, farmers

    Raising taxes 44 percent when many, if not most, of Grayson’s citizens are already struggling to make ends meet, is crazy.
    It looks like our Board of Supervisors is best at making bad decisions. They’re selling out their own neighbors. When farmers can’t pay their taxes, they’ll lose their land. And who’ll benefit? Housing developers, Christmas tree operations and other deal-makers.