• Promise to drain the swamp falling short

    Setting the scene, the Secretary of the Treasury and his new bride fly on a government plane to the U.S. Mint, prime viewing territory for the solar eclipse. They pose in front of all the new money with his signature, and his wife highlights on social media all her luxury fashion apparel. He’s in charge of our economy.

  • Proper gun control requires a look at history

    Since the school shooting in Florida, many people are calling for gun control. I agree that we need to have some stricter control of guns, especially assault rifles. Hunters do not need assault rifles for hunting wild animals. These are weapons of war, so why are they so available to so many people? What are the restrictions on owning an assault rifle?

  • ‘Politics’ is not a four-letter word

    How many times have you said, or heard someone say, “I just can’t be political,” before? But even if you don’t want to “be political,” the fact remains that the winner of this year’s race to be our Ninth District Congressional Representative will impact your health care, your access to broadband, jobs and retirement, and the lives of your family and your friends. 

  • A good representative gives opportunities to communicate

    Many of the people I know are paying careful attention to the news these days, as they realize that decisions made in Richmond and Washington affect our day-to-day lives. I hear people discussing problems like poverty, brain drain, a lack of good-paying jobs, concerns about having Social Security when they retire, and they want to be part of the discussion.

  • History’s Lessons

    Tariffs seem like an idea that should work. Governments have used them for centuries to protect native industries from foreign competition and raise revenue. The problem is that like many ideas seeming good, tariffs just do not work as advertised.

  • Are we better off now in 9th District?

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a red “Make America Great Again” hat that was actually made in America?
    Can anyone tell me one thing that Morgan Griffith, our congressman for the 9th District, has done for Grayson or Carroll counties?
    Can anyone tell me that life is better since the time Rick Boucher was our congressman and actually got things done for us?

  • Ideas for the county should be communicated

    The gated tiny home in Grayson County, for the uprising senior population would be a great asset to the county, and to the seniors who will inhabit them, provided they don’t have to meet strict income requirements which many will not be blessed with. What a better way to commend our CATE students with their talents.

  • Supporter of Flaccavento is enthusiastic about the polls this year

    Who is Anthony Flaccavento?
    He is an Abingdon farmer and rural economic developer and he is a candidate to represent our Ninth District in Congress.
    I have been enthusiastic about Anthony’s accomplishments and dedication to community development in Southwest Virginia for the past 30 years. He is hard working and sincere in his efforts to find solutions and get results.

  • Our representative should be available (With Griffith reply)

    Heading home from a doctor’s appointment in Wytheville, I stopped by the Lakes to Florida grill on Highway 21. I got to talking with the man behind the counter while we waited for my onion rings to cook. 
    We talked about winter weather and hard times, and when I said I was grateful for Medicare, I got an earful. This man e-mailed Morgan Griffith every day for two solid months, trying to get some help. A member of his family had an urgent disability application and they were stuck in a bunch of red tape.

  • Don’t vote for status quo in town election

    I was disheartened to learn that only one person registered to run/challenge our current Independence Town Council members.
    Only Jessica Anders is running as a new person for a town council seat this spring. Three council members are running: E.F. Butch Reeves (mayor), Buddy Halsey and Jeffrey Miller. The election is May 1. I look forward to learning about Ms. Anders and her platform.
    Over the last six years, I have witnessed multiple complaints about town council and the town manager.