• A clean fight earns respect

    It used to make me feel better to bad-mouth some politician and go on my merry way, but Anthony Flaccavento makes me think twice. He’s running against Morgan Griffith for Ninth District Congress, and I have yet to hear an ugly word from this man about his opponent.
    I do hear plenty from Flaccavento about stagnant wages and runaway debt, about working together and helping each other right where we actually live, regardless of our politics.

  • Reader wants best choice for Grayson County

    Many in this community know me as a hard-working and open minded person. Through the 32 years I have called Grayson County home, I have from time to time supported different people running for political office…regardless of party affiliation. My golden rule for this support is two-fold: pick the person based on their qualifications and ideas that would better serve everyone and not just a few; and confidence in their commitment to follow through with action and access.

  • Our declining Ninth District rural areas

    The rural areas of the Ninth District have been neglected for too long. Our Main Streets are lined with empty stores. Two hospitals have closed their doors. Families are leaving in droves to seek employment elsewhere. Teachers are underpaid, and several schools are in need of repairs. Our bridges and culverts are deemed to be the worst in Virginia. Broadband still isn’t available in many areas. Our power grid is outdated. And many of our communities are beginning to look like ghost towns.

  • Reader sees metaphor in crash

    A clear and urgent message has come to me, which I feel behooved to share with the rest of America.
    Last week, a gaggle of Republican lawmakers left D.C. for a most important enclave in Beautiful West Virginia. No doubt to give the cleaning staff time to shovel out all the crap in the halls of government. They mounted their conveyance with family and friends in tow and roared off down the Cumberland Valley.
    They did not complete the trip on board their chartered train. On the way there was a mishap. Analyzing the event, I perceive a clear message.

  • 2018 has had a rough start

    2018 has started out where 2017 ended. Sad and disgusting, where violence has taken the lives of police officers and a little girl who came between the mother and a loser of a boyfriend.
    The same political circus goes on. But with a twist.
    Vulgarity, no shame, the attitude shown from the Oval Office is “I’m the leader and you’re the pumpkin eater — deal with it”
    In that so-called bipartisan meeting of Congress to set out a plan to tackle the problems from immigration to the budget, the end result was who could cuss the most.

  • The Art of the Deal
  • Student requests help for project

    I am a student at Cascade Christian Schools, and I am writing a report on the state of Virginia.
    We are responsible for gathering as much information as we can about our state. If any of your readers would like to help me by sending any pictures, postcards, used license plates, facts, products, etc. from your state to the address below, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

    Nathan S.
    5th Grader
    Cascade Christian School
    601 9th Ave. S.E.
    Puyallup, Wash. 98372

  • Reader prepared to give vote to Flaccavento

    “Never be beholden to anybody.”
    My daddy taught me that when I was about 10 years old. It’s an old way of speaking and it may sound a little stingy at first, but it helps me think twice about who I accept favors from, and what that person might expect in return.
    That’s why I wholeheartedly support Anthony Flaccavento in his Ninth District campaign for Congress. He will not accept money from corporations. He does not have a PAC fund, where donors can hide their affiliation.

  • Middle class tax cut

    Trump may throw a few carrots in the tax reform to the middle class and we will accept as this is all we demand. We have a liar as president and all the tax break does is enrich Trump and his family, who could care less how much the middle class and low income are hurting. Just look at the price we are paying for the Trumps to live in the White House and promote their investments.

  • Wealthy profit from division among citizens

    Taking a knee is courageous, patriotic and very effective in focusing our attention on one of our most cruel injustices.
    Police are shooting and killing unarmed black men and boys. To those who still remain critical of taking a knee, I recommend viewing the Now This Politics video “News Anchors Tell Trump What Patriotism And The Flag Really Mean.”
    We European Americans have been in control of this republic for 228 years and we have failed to achieve our immortal declaration, “all men are created equal!”